10 Interesting Facts to Know About Google



Google is the most popular search engine in the world today.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to know about some of the interesting  facts of Google.

1. Google owns a bunch of domain names which are actually common misspellings for Google. Some of these domain names include Gogle.com, Gooogle.com, Googlr.com etc. Google is the owner of 466453.com too.

2. The largest network of translators belongs to Google.

3. More than 2 million searches are carried on Google each second.

4. When you type “I want to commit suicide” in the Google search bar, Google will list the suicide helpline number of your country.

5. Go to the Google Maps and click on the satellite view. Now zoom as much as you can. You will be able to see astonishing view of our mother earth and that too with its real time shadows. You will even be able to see real time clouds by zooming in twice.

6. Go to Google images and search for “atari breakout”. Open any image and you will be able to play the game.

7. Go to Google Mars and you will be able to see the map of Mars.

8. Gmail was used internally for two years before it was actually launched to the public. They found that there were around 6 types of email users and hence they designed Gmail to accommodate all these 6 types.

9. If a U.S. Google employee passes away while still working for Google, their surviving partner will receive half of their salary every year for the next 10 years.

10. Google pays attention to all its feedback. When you send an email to Google, it is not like you are sending an email to black hole. They will pay attention to your email.


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