Gesture and body language to identify liars




People hate it when someone lies about something right in front of their face. Here are some interesting tips which will help you to know if the person is telling the truth or just lying.

    • Eye Movement:Right handed people will look up at the right and left handed people look up at the left while telling a lie.
    • Eye Blinking: When a person blinks very little or does not blink at all while telling something, then you must not believe what he says as he is probably lying to you. Even if he blinks a lot, then also a person is lying. A person speaking the truth will blink at normal rate.


  • Eye Contact: If a person cannot make an eye contact while talking to you, then he is probably lying. This is because, the person speaking the truth does not have look away.



  • Hiding Body Parts: 

    If the person whom you are talking to hides his mouth, throat or eyes with his hands then don not trust a word that person says because he is lying to you on your face.



  • Grooming: 

    While manipulating things or lying, people tend to adjust their hair or clothes repeatedly. Take this as a sign and do not trust their words.



  • Hand Movement: 

    Anxiety causes itching or chills in the face which cause the liar to bite or lick his lips. It even causes them to play with their ears.



  • Head Movement: 

    Liars will move their head around quickly before giving answers to your questions.



  • Audible Clues: 

    Liars tend to clean their throat before giving you an answer. Well, this gives them time to make up some stories of their own. Even if a person’s vocal pitch rises while giving you an answer, then the person is probably lying to you.


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