Have a Look at some of the Interesting Secrets of Facebook

Facebook is one of the popular social networking sites with its headquarters in Menlo Park, California. Everyone uses Facebook for chatting, posting pictures, updating status etc. But do you know some uncommon but interesting things you can do on Facebook.


Secrets of Facebook

  • Emoji Yourself
    Take your username and type it within double square brackets in your chat window. Your profile picture will be sent like an emoji. However, this thing does not work on mobile phones. So you will have to try this thing on your desktops or laptops.
  • Randos: 

    Search for “randos at buzzfeed” and you will see the list of all those users who works at buzzfeed but not in your friends list.

  • Putnam:
    Type “:putnam:” in your chat window and you will get an emoji of Putnam who was an engineer at this popular social networking website.
  • The Other Folder:
    Go to your messages. You will find an “Other” folder right next to your “Inbox” folder. This folder contains messages sent from those people who are not added as your friends on Facebook.
  • Buy Conversations:
    If you want to send message to someone with whom you are not friends on Facebook, then you will have to buy conversation. Facebook will charge you around $15 to send the message directly to that person’s inbox.
  • Pirate English:
    Go to language settings. Among the list of languages, you will see options like English (Pirate), English (Pirate) etc. Select this language and see what happens.
    Check out the video for more secrets about Facebook


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