Some Shocking Things to Know About Whatsapp


Whatsapp, as you all know, is the most popular messenger service which runs on android devices, iOS, windows phone and number of other mobile operating systems. Listed below are some of the shocking but interesting things which you must know about this popular messenger application.

  1. Earnings

Each founder of Whatsapp made around $5 billion.

  1. Employees

The company is just five years old and has a total of 55 employees only.

  1. Job Denied

Brian Acton, one of the founders of Whatsapp was denied a job at two of the most popular social networking websites, Facebook and Twitter, in 2009. This is when he created Whatsapp.

  1. Acquisition

At acquisition, Whatsapp is worth two Instagram and two Staples.

  1. Messages Processed

On one single day, Whatsapp processes four times as many messages as there are humans on the earth.

  1. Budget

The budget of NASA in 2014 was $17 billion while that of Whatsapp was $19 billion. Isn’t this huge?

  1. Value

Each and every employee of Whatsapp created as much value as the entire Washington Post did in 137 years.

  1. New Users

Around 1 Million new users register on this popular messenger application every day.

  1. Active Users More Than Twitter

The number of active users on Whatsapp is about 2.5 times more than the number of active users on Twitter.

  1. Overall Active Users

More than 450 million users are active on Whatsapp each month. Out of these, 70% users are active on Whatsapp on any given day.

Check out this video for some more secrets of whatsapp!

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