10 Pics Of Airtel 4G Girl So Hot & Sexy That You’ll Stop Trolling Her

Sasha Chettri is one of the most trolled girls on the social media nowadays, if you are not able to understand about whom we are talking then just think about the girl whom you see in the advertisements of Airtel 4G. Yes, we are talking about that young girl who comes up from nowhere and start promoting Airtel 4G, Sasha Chettri is from Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand and she has completed her advertising course from Xavier’s Institute Of Communications, Mumbai.
This youngster has got the eyes rolling of 1.2 billion Indians as Airtel’s aggressive campaigning of its 4G has made her a girl next door.

Jagdish Acharya, the founder-director of creative agency Cut The Crap, has this to say about the youngster, “Chettri is the ‘Lalitaji’ of 2015. Chettri is doing what Kavita Chaudhary did to Surf in mid-80s. Irrespective of the Airtel hardselling 4G, the stickiness of the campaign is because of her. You cannot break down what worked for the campaign — her face, her haircut, her voice, or her communication — but she has caught the fancy of everyone.”

Sasha told this to TOI, “I love music. It’s who I am and I am working on my ep (a mini album) right now.”

Here are 10 hot pics of the Airtel 4G girl:





4g6 4g5






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