How Indian Media Twisted The News Of Anushka’s Engagement Will Make You Hate Them!

Indian media has always created a lasting impact on the lives of people. On one hand, it updates people about the situations but at times it also creates panic by presenting half baked news.

One of the most interesting things is the way media has portrayed celebrities. In this TRP battle, each news channel or newspaper is trying its best to stay on the top. But, wait! What are they doing for this? Well, they are reporting ‘FAKE’ things! Yes, this is what they have done about Anushka Sharma.


Well, they shared a picture of Anushka Sharma from her upcoming film ‘Phillauri’ and captioned it as ‘Anushka Sharma is engaged’. Anushka’s fans who were pretty eager to read more about her, clicked like crazy, only to realize that the reporters were talking about her ‘Reel life engagement’ and not ‘Real life engagement’. The title was so misleading, that people actually thought Anushka is engaged! Reporters very well know that any news about the fan’s favorite pair Anushka-Virat will give them clicks and so they tried their hands on this.

Under the pretext of ‘Freedom of Press’, reporters feel they can report just anything! However, shame on them for playing with the emotions of fans this way. This is what media reported about Anushka Sharma!

Anushka’s engagement picture, as per another famous news site!



Reality- The picture was sadly from Anushka’s upcoming movie ‘Phillauri’. Fans hated themselves from clicking this and getting fooled.

Laakhon dil tode, as per a leading Hindi Daily !


Title- लाखो दिलों को तोड़ अनुष्का ने की सगाई!

Reality- People who were shocked to hear about this, were sad to know the reality which stated “Ghabraiye Mat! Hum Shooting Ki Baat Kar Rahe Hain’!

So users after reading this, are you still going to land up at those TRP-hungry websites? Well , it is high time you boycott such websites and stick to those who show you the ‘reality’..RVCJ cares for audience and not TRPs and hence an attempt to bring the reality in front of you!


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